About us

Our mission
To contribute to the building of a sustainable, safe and prosperous democratic society through independent analysis, informed debate and social innovation, which we propose to all those who want the progress of society.

In accomplishing the assumed mission, we have set ourselves as objectives:

supporting, promoting and consolidating democratic values, market economy and media independence;
research and innovation in the fields of activity undertaken: social (education, health, social protection, trade unions), economic, political, culture, mass media, military and international relations;
the crystallization of reasoned and sustainable, scientifically and realistic points of view that can be promoted as educational and social landmarks;
the development of educational, counseling and vocational training activities;
the implementation of political education programs and awareness of intergenerational responsibility.
CAPOS is a founding association designed to co-ordinate a range of competences for research-innovation-education and to develop activities that will lead to strategic guidelines for the promotion of democratic and scientific values ​​in society through the organization of conferences and events.

CAPOS receives discretionary support from its members and other natural or legal persons and receives funding for its activities.

Principles specific to CAPOS
The established principles at the level of the association have the role of ensuring the permanent independence and objectivity of research, events, publications and other results

The CAPOS mission is to be one of the main sources of independent analysis for research, development and innovation in the fields of social, economic, cultural, media and international relations, and for the purpose of carrying out education, training and vocational training activities.

      2. Integrity

CAPOS seeks to fulfill its mission and objectives without undermining the integrity of the work. Contributions, sponsorships, donations or subsidies for the financial support of research or events will be used exclusively to achieve these objectives, in accordance with the law.

      3. Objectivity

CAPOS always maintains independent control over the publication of its own results or partners through its own publishing house and / or publications and public and private events, regardless of the source of funding. In research and events under its name, CAPOS promotes objectivity and equity among the various stakeholders, pursuing only those actions that respect the mission of the association.

      4. Opening

CAPOS applies a culture of openness to all social categories and assumes responsibility for the results of the work done only if this supports its mission.

      5. Responsibility

In the steps needed to meet specific objectives, CAPOS promotes an integrity culture, with particular attention to elements of ethics and compliance, while at the same time fully responsible for its role in society.